Tips For Designing Your Own Custom Patches

You do not have to be a designer to make your own custom patch. Passion, interest and time is all you need to have as a beginner. Once you have some skills on the field, then you can venture into other broad categories in the design. Most people think that custom design is a very easy process, and others think exactly the opposite. In as much as there is some truth in both statements, what stands out is that custom design is a necessary skill that need to be natured because their demand is not about to fall anytime soon. To design a custom patch you need to have some tips and skills.

Convert the Idea into a Captivating Realism

Custom patches are designed based on an event and its theme. To design your own patch, you need to visualize this idea and capitalize on the best ways to use the design to reiterate on the event and the theme of the day. This calls for an overall new look on the occasion and carefully choosing a design that is not unique, but also captivating; one that will capture the event in a very fundamental way.

Choose a Simple but Unique Patch Design

The patch design to produce is the core feature that you need to put more emphasis. This is because it sends a message across to the targeted group. Most artists make the mistake of sending too many ideas in one design resulting in confusion. The best way to catch the crowd is to maintain a simple design that will fit the majority groups. It is much better to state your idea in simple words, than to draw them in a very complex and confusing way. It is always recommended that you be very precise when making the simple but stunning design.

Take Time When Choosing Patch Shape

The shape of any custom patch is not only basic feature, but also one that needs to be carefully selected if the patch is to stand out from the many designs that have been made. When choosing the shape to produce, put more effort on trying something unique that has not been done for a long time. It will show some level of creativity and surety in your designs unlike those artists who reproduce the traditional shapes. By trying on such shapes, you will be sending a message that you are not fixed on the traditional ideas and that you are more than willing to venture into other options, as well. Who knows, may be someone in the crowd may become your first client with a new shape in mind.

Choose the Most Appropriate Colors

The colors to use will depend on the theme of the event, the designed product and the message that you want to put across. Use colors that will be beautiful and will augur well with the texts that you put on the patch.

The above details will guide to have perfect custom patch.


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