Common Types Of Patches

Custom patches have been used in the past for many reasons. Currently, they are used not only on occasions but also to show a certain feeling, lifestyle or to reiterate on a set theme. A major problem that many people find themselves in when choosing or buying one is that they do not know the different types that are out there, there uses and their different qualities. This is one reason you may find people having them for a very different purpose other than the stipulated and the recommended one.

To fully find one that will suit you need in an enormous way, you need to understand the different types that are out there.

  • Embroidered Patches

This is one of the most common types of patches because they are widely used.  You can easily find them used in uniforms, jackets and other attires. The custom design made here utilizes the thread embroidery. While choosing one that will suit you most, you will end up with some that have the following labels and characteristics. One is one with 50% embroidery, 75% and 100%. The percentage refers to the amount of coverage the thread will have against the visible twill. The designs differ not only in appearance but also on the texture.

  • Woven Patches

Just as the name suggests, the woven patches are made exclusively out of thread unlike the embroidered ones that are made out of fabric. This makes it unique in that it ca be used to make a patch that is specific and one that cannot be made using the embroidered patch. Because they are made completely out of thread, they have been found to have the best texture and are relatively easy to create. If you are looking for the best patch to show an outstanding photographic impression, then this should be the one for you. They are capable of producing curves, images and designs of landscapes, faces and many more irregularly shaped objects.

  • Printed Patches

Printed patches are custom patches that are made by implanting an image on a twill fabric that is blank using ink. This gives them the advantage of not having any color limitation since there are millions of colors that can be employed to make them.

In addition to this benefit, the printed patches have the following advantages:

  • Can be washed easily.
  • Can be dry-cleaned.
  • They do not fade easily.
  • One can make small but readable prints on them.
  • It takes a short time to make the patches
  • They are good for photographic designs

Name Patches

These types of custom patches are also common because you see them in work places where the name is implanted on work uniforms. The name can be different depending on the organization or company using the patches. However, in most cases they are used to show the professionalism that the person having it is majored in. When buying them, you can either buy a blank patch or give an order with the specifications that you want the patch to have.

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