Common Types Of Patches

Custom patches have been used in the past for many reasons. Currently, they are used not only on occasions but also to show a certain feeling, lifestyle or to reiterate on a set theme. A major problem that many people find themselves in when choosing or buying one is that they do not know the different types that are out there, there uses and their different qualities. This is one reason you may find people having them for a very different purpose other than the stipulated and the recommended one.

To fully find one that will suit you need in an enormous way, you need to understand the different types that are out there.

  • Embroidered Patches

This is one of the most common types of patches because they are widely used.  You can easily find them used in uniforms, jackets and other attires. The custom design made here utilizes the thread embroidery. While choosing one that will suit you most, you will end up with some that have the following labels and characteristics. One is one with 50% embroidery, 75% and 100%. The percentage refers to the amount of coverage the thread will have against the visible twill. The designs differ not only in appearance but also on the texture.

  • Woven Patches

Just as the name suggests, the woven patches are made exclusively out of thread unlike the embroidered ones that are made out of fabric. This makes it unique in that it ca be used to make a patch that is specific and one that cannot be made using the embroidered patch. Because they are made completely out of thread, they have been found to have the best texture and are relatively easy to create. If you are looking for the best patch to show an outstanding photographic impression, then this should be the one for you. They are capable of producing curves, images and designs of landscapes, faces and many more irregularly shaped objects.

  • Printed Patches

Printed patches are custom patches that are made by implanting an image on a twill fabric that is blank using ink. This gives them the advantage of not having any color limitation since there are millions of colors that can be employed to make them.

In addition to this benefit, the printed patches have the following advantages:

  • Can be washed easily.
  • Can be dry-cleaned.
  • They do not fade easily.
  • One can make small but readable prints on them.
  • It takes a short time to make the patches
  • They are good for photographic designs

Name Patches

These types of custom patches are also common because you see them in work places where the name is implanted on work uniforms. The name can be different depending on the organization or company using the patches. However, in most cases they are used to show the professionalism that the person having it is majored in. When buying them, you can either buy a blank patch or give an order with the specifications that you want the patch to have.

Tips For Designing Your Own Custom Patches

You do not have to be a designer to make your own custom patch. Passion, interest and time is all you need to have as a beginner. Once you have some skills on the field, then you can venture into other broad categories in the design. Most people think that custom design is a very easy process, and others think exactly the opposite. In as much as there is some truth in both statements, what stands out is that custom design is a necessary skill that need to be natured because their demand is not about to fall anytime soon. To design a custom patch you need to have some tips and skills.

Convert the Idea into a Captivating Realism

Custom patches are designed based on an event and its theme. To design your own patch, you need to visualize this idea and capitalize on the best ways to use the design to reiterate on the event and the theme of the day. This calls for an overall new look on the occasion and carefully choosing a design that is not unique, but also captivating; one that will capture the event in a very fundamental way.

Choose a Simple but Unique Patch Design

The patch design to produce is the core feature that you need to put more emphasis. This is because it sends a message across to the targeted group. Most artists make the mistake of sending too many ideas in one design resulting in confusion. The best way to catch the crowd is to maintain a simple design that will fit the majority groups. It is much better to state your idea in simple words, than to draw them in a very complex and confusing way. It is always recommended that you be very precise when making the simple but stunning design.

Take Time When Choosing Patch Shape

The shape of any custom patch is not only basic feature, but also one that needs to be carefully selected if the patch is to stand out from the many designs that have been made. When choosing the shape to produce, put more effort on trying something unique that has not been done for a long time. It will show some level of creativity and surety in your designs unlike those artists who reproduce the traditional shapes. By trying on such shapes, you will be sending a message that you are not fixed on the traditional ideas and that you are more than willing to venture into other options, as well. Who knows, may be someone in the crowd may become your first client with a new shape in mind.

Choose the Most Appropriate Colors

The colors to use will depend on the theme of the event, the designed product and the message that you want to put across. Use colors that will be beautiful and will augur well with the texts that you put on the patch.

The above details will guide to have perfect custom patch.


Top Us Custom Patch Makers

Custom patches creation is such an exciting industry in the United States. There are tens to hundreds of patch makers located in almost every state that the competition is getting tougher every day. There are companies that have made custom patches for several decades now, gaining more than enough expertise on the field because of the extensive and long history of evolution they have undergone. Some competitors are just new in the business, but they are dedicated in learning and employing new embroidery techniques to serve their customers better. Each of these companies has something unique about their business techniques and products. You just have to check the qualities of their custom patches to find that perfect fit for you.

Apparel 2000

One of the longstanding custom patch companies in US is the Apparel 2000 or A2K. They’ve been making embroidered patches for 70 years now that they have acquired the expertise in the field. A2K boasts of its high-quality patches that are made in USA and not outsourced elsewhere. A2K makes custom patches for schools, motorcycle clubs, military services, firefighters and corporate companies. Aside from being an embroidery business, it also offers digitizing services to meet the needs of their customers with the necessary precision. Whether you have a design ready to be transformed into patches or you need a logo creator, A2K can cater to you. A2K also offers garments should you need them for business promotion aside from the custom patches. The best thing about this particular company is that it has the lowest minimum requirement for customer orders. If you come back for the second time and on your subsequent orders, there will be no minimum number of patches required.

 Mutiny Shop

The Mutiny Shop is another US custom patch company that is known for its fast and reliable service. The standard turnaround time for the completion of custom patch orders ranges from 5-15 business days. They offer both vinyl and embroidered patches. They boast of their revolutionary vinyl patches that do not require digitizing of the designs. Due to the convenience of making vinyl patches, they are less costly than the embroidered type, and there is no minimum order required. Any file can be turned into vinyl custom patches, so it is very easy to follow the exact design of the customer. One aspect of the Mutiny Shop’s service is that there will be no additional charges for all kinds of designs. Whether your logo is simple or complicated, whether the design has a few or too many colors, Mutiny will apply the same rate for you.

Quality Embroidered Patches

The Quality Embroidered Patches company has been in the business for 17 years. As the name implies, it was able to create a great reputation in the industry of patch-making because of their tight stitch quality, vibrant colors and strong canvas. Just like the Mutiny Shop, there is no minimum order required. Each patch or package deal is reasonably priced. If you need to tweak a little detail for improved design, Quality Embroidered Patches can do that for you.

Custom Patches As Marketing Strategy

Although the advanced technology that we have right now offers gazillions of ways to promote products and services, not all of them can be afforded by all types of businesses. It may be true that contemporary promotional tools have an edge but innovative and artistic marketing utilities that are new and fresh can also withstand the aggressive marketing competition.

One such amazing idea for promoting your business is the creation of your own custom patches. These are very attractive merchandise in which you can incorporate your creative designs. The greatest vantage point of this promotional item is it does not require a huge cash allocation that will cut a big chunk from your budget. In order to save more, you can opt to purchase wholesale embroidered patches.

So how will you use these patches to endorse your products and services? Most companies using custom patches create designs that are trendy and up to date. Put your company logo, business statement and brand name in a very attractive manner. Make sure there’s a beautiful play of colors in your embroidered patches. The text should appear readable but not too big to be distracting. It will be best to hire an expert in design who is competent in harmonizing the elements of a promotional item.

Custom patches are flexible marketing items. You can attach them to all clothing, bags and other accessories made of fabric. You can incorporate them in the uniform of your employees or put them in the business freebies. If these custom patches are worn by several individuals, it will increase the visibility of your company’s business. Imagine your business having an event and all your employees bear these custom patches. They will surely stir up the curiosity of everyone in the venue. The attractive patches will never go unnoticed. They also give an image of unity to your employees. Custom patches can look formal too depending on the design. An elegant patch with a unique design exudes an aura of reputation. Your prospective customers can also appreciate your business if you have these creative custom patches incorporated in the items you give out for free.

There are several companies turning to custom patches as their major promotional tool because they can add a personal touch to these items. Due to the growing popularity of embroidered patches, you can easily purchase wholesale custom patches online. The growing demand expands the market for custom patches, so more businesses are coming out to join the creation and selling of these items. This healthy market also creates a competition on prices amongst custom patch companies. More and more of them are offering lowered rates and discounted packages.

Many retailers and merchandisers offer reasonable prices for embroidered patches. But the advantage of buying online is that you can easily compare the prices and qualities of patches from different online stores. The competition on patch-making also raises the quality of custom patches for sale.

Instead of resorting to expensive marketing tools for the promotion of your business, be creative and design your custom patches to attract your business.